OFFICE, Daft Punk Featured In Playboy's Rock The Rabbit 2008

You know the whole excuse about purchasing a copy of Playboy for the articles? Well, indie rock fans can now use that when snagging a copy of the magazine's upcoming March music issue. The rag will hit stands on February 12, featuring an impressive group of artists ranging from Duran Duran and Iggy Pop to Hot Chip and On The Cover band Working For A Nuclear Free City.

One cool part of this Rock The Rabbit campaign is that the artists will be utilizing the Playboy Rabbit Head logo in their own limited edition t-shirt designs. Tripwire favorites OFFICE are among the bands included, and we just happen to have an exclusive sneak peek at their design. Hey OFFICE, can you hook your Tripwire buddies up with a couple of shirts? The original prototypes of the shirts will be auctioned off, with proceeds benefiting Rock The Vote. Hooray for rock & roll, politics and naked boobs, all working together in perfect harmony. Shirts will be for sale at select Bloomingdale's locations and at ShopTheBunny.

Rock The Rabbit Artists
Iggy Pop
Duran Duran
Daft Punk
The Shins
Gogol Bordello
Hot Chip
Ghostland Observatory
Jamie T
Tokyo Police Club
The Pipettes
New Young Pony Club
Margot & The Nuclear So And So's
Little Ones
The Oohlas
The Heavy
Working For A Nuclear Free City
The Beasts Of Eden
DJ Dimitri From Paris

Rock The Rabbit

OFFICE, Daft Punk Featured In Playboy's Rock The Rabbit 2008