Live - New Years Eve With Moving Units, Junior Boys @ Popscene | SF

Please forgive me, dear Tripwire readers, but I've only recovered from the NYE extravaganza I experienced in San Francisco just now and am now ready to tell all. I mean, if you had contact with copious amounts of whiskey, Moving Units, and your ex-boyfriend all in one night, it would put you in bed for two days after too...

I initially was going to skip out of any New Year's Eve celebrations in general; they say that the way you spend NYE is how your year is going to turn out, and I was seriously thinking about ordering pizza and playing some Guitar Hero, and then calling it a night. At last minute I came to my senses and decided to hit up the Popscene NYE party with Moving Units and Blaqk Audio live, and Junior Boys DJing at Mezzanine.

I trained up from San Jose after seeing some friends in my hometown, falling asleep after the third stop on a near empty train and being awoken to a bro slamming his fist into the back of my chair at the first stop in San Francisco and a very large, very drunk crowd running up and down the aisles of the CalTrain. I rubbed my eyes and counted down the minutes until we rolled into downtown San Francisco and I could escape the stench of Britney Spears' "Curious" perfume on the two girls in front of me.

After making my way through the extra security and the drug-sniffing dogs at the train station, I began the brisk walk to Mezzanine, calling my friend Danielle who was meeting me there. I was really stoked to see Moving Units play; even after all this time, and being introduced to them three and a half years ago, they are still a band I can count on to make me shake it and drink it. And even though this was going to be my third time in '07 seeing M>U, I still anticipated hearing "Us & Them" and new stuff from Hexes For Exes.

As we poured into the venue at 11:20PM they were already three songs in but at the beginning of "The Kids From Orange County," my favorite track off the new record. Songs like that and "Crash N Burn Victims" find lead singer Blake Miller taking a slower and slinkier approach to the electro beats that made his group initially famous, which produces a sexy, dance-friendly beat complete with luscious guitars and drum lines teetering on indie rock and booty beats. I love it. The Units delivered a mighty performance, also covering their early bases with "Us And Them" and ended with a track off their debut EP, which I thought was a great full-circle kind of move.

Unfortunately, I still can't figure out if they ended with "Melodrama" or "X&Y;" by this point I was two beers in and a couple of trips to the outside smoking area for a few drags off my friend Wayne's American Spirits. Danielle and I decided to get a glass of champagne for the countdown and stood in the middle of the dance floor waiting for the infamous numbers to be chanted; to our surprise, it was already 12:01 and there was no one on stage! I think Mezzanine staff realized this and thrust two girls armed with a mic onto the stage for a countdown attempt. We sipped our bubbly to Simian Mobile Disco's "We Are Your Friends," a fitting first song for 2008. I kissed everyone I knew in my general vicinity happy new year and hugged every other person who walked by, too.

Blaqk Audio then took the stage; they are the side project by two of the kids in AFI. I know this type of music doesn't fall into the realm of bands we usually cover at the Tripwire, like, ever, but these guys have such amazing stage presence and need to be commended on valiant effort. Davey Havok provided a great showmanship during "Stiff Kittens" for my viewing pleasure while I downed two giant whiskeys and the rest of that champagne.

By this time I'm feeling pretty bold, so while we waited for Junior Boys to come out and DJ, I text messaged back people who had wished me happy new year and to my ex-boyfriend, who I go in between adoring and hating per minute, "Happy new year, asshole." A few texts back and forth, and somehow we ended up talking on the phone to each other, completely hammered, me outside on the Mezzanine smoking patio while bums are rooting through the garbage cans nearby. My life is so glamorous at this point, and all I can think is "Thank fucking Lord I had the good conscious to wear flats."

We went back inside when the Boys come on behind the decks, and I was not even paying attention to what they were spinning; I think there was a little Bloc Party and maybe some New Order thrown in there. All I know is that I wanted to have a hug and maybe some waffles at a diner. After saying a tearful goodbye to Wayne ("But, no, seriously, are so the best...we need to hang out more...I love you sooooo muchhhhh"), Danielle held my hand the whole way to a 24-hour place a couple blocks from Mezzanine. And while the events between 2:30AM and 4AM will be kept mum, know this: I stumbled out of a cab at the end of the night, turned on my space heater in my apartment as I got ready for bed, flopped on my bed still clothed but shoeless, and passed the F out while also promptly scalding the top of my foot off in the middle of the night while my drunk ass listened to Dethklok to go to bed (no, joke).

A week later, I am still suffering the wrath of this burn, and smiling about the fact I got to end the year and welcome the new one with such a bang. Thank you to all parties involved, and here's hoping San Francisco continues to get the parties so I can continue to write about them.

Moving Units
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Live - New Years Eve With Moving Units, Junior Boys @ Popscene | SF