Rob Dickinson Working On New Music In '08

It is hard to believe that it has been over two years since former Catherine Wheel frontman Rob Dickinson unleashed his debut solo album, Fresh Wine For The Horses. Since then, he has crisscrossed North America, performing an impressive number of acoustic solo shows. We caught several of these shows in various venues, and you already know how much we dug 'em.

So what does he have in store for the New Year? In a recent Happy New Year message sent out to fans via email and MySpace, it sounds like he has quite a bit in store, including some new music. Innnnnteresting. Here is what Dicksinson had to say:

"Happy New Year to one and all.
2008 is gearing up to be a big one for me - new music, new 'old' music, new collaborations, new genres, new endeavors,
new horizons.... I'm exhausted already. Hope your year will be as consuming, as challenging and as rewarding. Big luv to the
luvvers of music everywhere...
Bring it on!"

Also, for our lucky friends in the Los Angeles area, Rob Dickinson is performing at the Viper Room on January 24.

Rob Dickinson

Rob Dickinson Working On New Music In '08