Another Heritage Alternative Rock Station Bites The Dust (Sorta)

Well shit. It seems that our good friends in Atlanta will soon be without an alternative rock station, at least on the normal radio waves. 99X has been a staple alt rock station for quite some time, but unfortunately those days seem to be just about over. What we do know so far is that longtime morning show host and program director Leslie Fram, along with her co-host Jenners and mid-day jock Steve Craig, were let go on Friday. Rumors began to fly around the music and radio biz about the future of this heritage station, and things don't look good.

Over at R&R, word is that Cumulus, the owner of 99X, will be placing their top 40 station (Q100) on the alt-rock station's frequency. Apparently, this switch will take place one week from today, with a revamped rock format then replacing what was 99X. So what about the future of the station? In an interview with All Access, Cumulus co-COOP John Dickey said: "99X is moving to the Internet as a stream, and will be an HD2 channel to 99.7. This will be a new and more updated approach to the format as it lives between an Internet brand and visual brand. And, Lelise (Fram) may be part of this new venture, or stay on in another capacity."

While we are totally cool with online radio, we're not sold on the whole HD radio thing quite yet. Maybe once we're in cars that contain HD receivers we'll become believers. Regardless, leaving the city of Atlanta without an alt-rock station on a regular broadcast frequency is pretty fucking crazy. We wish all of our friends over at 99X the best of luck... and we'll be listening online.


Another Heritage Alternative Rock Station Bites The Dust (Sorta)