Two Ton Sloth

The amber embers of December's fires rise in the sky
Below a show of beats and prose is preached to those in the know
Focus on the words, the wayyyy they relayyyy the dayyyy to dayyyy
Coherent conjectures poised as lectures and set to scores
Thoughts that jump like conclusions to open meadows of doubt
Erie sounds and strums beats the heart drums forcing me closer to the source

The moniker of Two Ton Sloth misleads my initial assumption
One that warned me to avoid any part of this listening consumption
I open the files, a list compiles, begins the trial
Judgment to be spewed from this audiophile
Begin it off with an "Afterthought" a prop that has served me well
The music starts, the melody drops, and blood begins to swell

Turn of the century cinematic sound bequeaths a "Satchel of Poets"
One is folksy, going by "Patch" strumming gold and he knows it
The catalog moves you through time willing or not you find yourself askew
Is this a rave thumping techno or a dinner party with Chuck Chaplin next to you?
All selections are heavy like a heart attack or light as a pointed whisper
A mouthful of absinthe makes the mind goes absent but never to far away

Capping it off with a suck and a cough the takeout reel begins to play
Twenty-three minutes of filler's a killer making the magic drift away
With this small exception it's a vocal confection leaving a sweet residue behind
Verdict reads: smooth beats, sharp words, are all perfectly combined
So give 'em a listen and start to christen the poetry and sounds to be
Things maybe different, I'm not quite omniscient, but that's the way it was for me

"Jesus Is Disastrous Rhythm" MP3

Token Recluse

Two Ton Sloth