Colin Meloy Plans Solo Release

April 8 will see the release of a fourteen-song album that documents Colin Meloy's 2006 solo tour. Coming out on double gate fold vinyl and CD, the LP contains stripped down versions of tracks with an acoustic guitar, as well as unreleased songs and even some speaking from Colin Meloy.

Colin Meloy Sings Live!
01. "Devil's Elbow"
02. "We Both Go Down Together"
03. "Evoking a Campfire Singalong"*
04. "The Gymnast, High Above the Ground"
05. "Here I Dreamt I Was an Architect > Dreams"
06. "Dracula's Daughter" (previously unreleased)
07. "Wonder" (previously unreleased)
08. "A Brief Introduction to Shirley Collins"*
09. "Barbara Allen"
10. "The Engine Driver"
11. "On the Bus Mall"
12. "A Skull, a Ship, and a Sheep"*
13. "California One/Youth and Beauty Brigade > Ask"
14. "The Bachelor and the Bride"
15. "A Cautionary Song"
16. "Red Right Ankle"
17. "Bandit Queen"

*indicates talking between songs

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Colin Meloy Plans Solo Release