Which Bar Made The Top Spot in Esquire?

We don't consider ourselves an Austin-centric site, but when this bit of news popped up, we felt it was worth bragging just a bit. Of course, coming from Esquire it is to be taken with a grain of salt, but the top rated bar in the US just happens to be Austin's Mohawk.

The news popped up this morning thanks to our friends at Austinist, who have been following the growth of Mohawk over the past year or so. They've been consistently booking rad shows over there, so they earned the title. For those of you coming here for SXSW, make it a point to pop in to check it out.

On the bar's blog, James Moody said: "Esquire thinks we are cool, but I think we are so far from cool we can't even Google map it. We let people write on the walls and we only have 3 martini glasses in the entire joint. Regardless, we are just happy to be recognized as both a bar and a live music venue, because we are both. We have killer shows, but we also have bitchin' Camaro happy hours. I think that was one of the reasons they chose our club."

Congrats Mohawk! Click here to see the entire list.


Which Bar Made The Top Spot in Esquire?