BT's Daughter No Longer Missing

A couple of weeks ago we reported that electronica pioneer BT's daughter, Kaia Transeau, was missing. She was listed on the National Missing Persons List, and was thought to have been abducted by her mother three weeks prior to the bulletin going out. The good news is that Kaia is safe and sound, although the legal battle between her parents is going to be a messy one.

A friend of the Tripwire alerted us to an update on this situation from ABC, where it seems that the arrest warrant on Kaia's mother, Ashley Duffy, should never have existed in the first place. Duffy was arrested in California on a child abduction warrant that was obtained in Maryland. She remained jailed even after her charges had been dismissed.

In the news update, Montgomery County State Attorney's Office spokesman Seth Zucker said: "The charges have been dropped, the warrant has been squashed. It's a family law issue now for California." Rather than attempt to explain the mess of their custody battle, click here to read ABC's complete coverage.


BT's Daughter No Longer Missing