Download - The Heavy Circles "Henri"

Edie Brickell likes to keep things in the family. The ex-Bohemian has joined forces with guitarist-composer Harper Simon, the grown son of Edie's famous husband Paul Simon, to create The Heavy Circles. February 12 will see the release of their self-titled album which was recorded at Trout Recordings Studios in Brooklyn and boasts contributions by Sean Lennon, Yuka Honda, Matt Johnson and engineer Bryce Goggin. On the collaboration session, Edie commented that it was "upbeat and lots of fun and we had an effortless chemistry making music together." Check out "Henri" from their record below.

MP3 Download - "Henri"

The Heavy Circles

01. "Henri"

02. "Better"

03. "Ready To Play"

04. "Confused"

05. "Easier"

06. "Maximo"

07. "Wait & Wait"

08. "Need A Friend"

09. "Dynamite Child"

10. "Oh Darlin"
The Heavy Circles

Download - The Heavy Circles "Henri"