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Style: Trovata's Shop-in-Shop

Last week the kick off for Trovata’s ‘shop in shop’ took place at the crafty denim store Earnest Sewn and we swung by to see what the fuss was all about. Trovata’s quirky Emersonian installation brought to mind the sweetly sour smell of old books and the damp earthy tang of the country, maybe two things that you wouldn’t necessarily associate with fashion, but the Los Angeles line reflects just this bookish, naturalist aesthetic in it’s artsy, nautical clothing. We drank champagne and lounged in wooden lodge chairs like a bunch of elderly professors, periodically pinching a few peeps out of the stylee crowd to snap some smart pics. A few favorites being a handsomely bun-ed gentleman in a wool cozy and a young Joan Baez look a like in pastel stripes. Check them after the jump.

Style: Trovata's Shop-in-Shop