Timewaste - Gallery Of Apple's Biggest Flops

Of all the tech companies out there, one of the few who have successfully penetrated the music lifestyle without a doubt is Apple. From revolutionizing the portable music player industry with the iPod to capturing the pocketbooks of many indie hipster bloggers with the MacBook, they have been a force to be reckoned with.

While they've had an impressive stream of success over the past several years, even the mighty Mac has had a few stumbles here and there. Technie online magazine Wired put together a pretty interesting gallery of Apple's flops, some of which you'll definitely recognize, but even we somehow missed out on the Pippin.

Don't worry Apple... we still love you. Now please don't make our PowerBooks suddenly explode for posting this.

Wired - Apple's Most Notorious Flops

Timewaste - Gallery Of Apple's Biggest Flops