BAGeL Radio Celebrates Five Years

One of our favorite internet radio freedom fighters, Ted Leibowitz, is celebrating his station's five year anniversary this month. In honor of the feat, the San Francisco based station is having a party at Bottom of the Hill on February 1, and you are invited! The concert will include performances by local and regional acts Lemon Sun (Los Angeles), Peloton (San Francisco) and Audio Out Send (Oakland).

On the station's milestone, Music Director Ted commented, "I get e-mails and instant messages from people thanking me for turning them on to bands. I love sharing music - it's the reason I do this - so hearing from listeners always makes my day. If BAGeL Radio inspires people to seek out and buy music and go to shows, I feel like I've accomplished something."

Keep up the great work Ted and keep up the fight for H.R. 2060 - The Internet Radio Equality Act!

BAGeL Radio

BAGeL Radio Celebrates Five Years