El Perro Del Mar Prepares New Album For Spring

Swedish chanteuse Sarah Assbring, better known as El Perro Del Mar, has completed the follow-up to her critically acclaimed self-titled debut album. For her sophomore effort, From The Valley To The Stars is a sixteen-track opus, hitting stores on April 22 via The Control Group.

About her new music, Assbring said: "I wanted to make something as unfashionable as an album in the classic sense of the word - in terms of its composition and the idea of a theme. The theme itself was initially something as simple yet complex as heaven and it led me into a wide and seemingly endless search for a means, a language in which to express myself. Although during this time I was, even though I mostly didn't realize it, following a certain train of thought - that of love, grief and loss, solace and hope, deepest despair and wildest childish euphoria - to the lowest and the highest of heights."

The first single from the album will be "How Did We Forget," which is currently streaming here. You can pick up the 7" vinyl single beginning on February 13 as an import.

El Perro Del Mar

El Perro Del Mar Prepares New Album For Spring