Live - The Teenagers @ Popscene | SF

Most Europeans when you meet them will notoriously lobby their home country as 'best in the world' - Spain has mid-day siestas, England has free health care, and the Netherlands has weed.

Paris, France's The Teenagers can also be added to the list. The four piece from the city of love came to Popscene Thursday to share their affinity for singular drumbeats and lyrics. Admittedly, I am used to rock tracks, booty beats, knob-twiddling, and anything electronic, so it was a great treat to be able and knock back a beer while enjoying a more down-tempo groove.

The Teenagers employ a slower pace in cadence and a simplicity in lyrics that still nails the sentiment. The (actual) adolescent topic of the most popular girl in school and ragers at your parents house is covered in "Fuck Nicole," with "You're just nineteen/but already the bitchest queen, your room's a mess/I'm not impressed, but damn you have/the cutest dress." Layed over a jazzy, indiepop percussion, I saw a dude wearing a jacket emblazoned with "Fuck Nicole" on the back going absolutely insane during this song. Lead singer Quentin Delafon even asked for someone named Nicole to come up to the stage to sing the next song and when someone was produced, she climbed on stage and he profusely apologized to her: "I bet you're very nice."

"Homecoming" was also a highlight during the show, with an Adam-Green-meets-80s-pop vibe complete with a drum loop, spoken-word lyrics, and rhythmic guitar. Many of the enthusiastic kids up front danced to their hearts' content and received this gem from France with a heart full of welcome. Let's see what else the Teenagers can pull out of their sleeves at Coachella.


The Teenagers


Live - The Teenagers @ Popscene | SF