Peter Hook "Busted" For Fake DJing

Oh shit, stop the presses! The legendary New Order bassist Peter Hook was busted for faux DJing!!!! Apparently an Australian website called him out on pretending to DJ thanks to the discovery of a YouTube clip from the 2006 Parklife tour. The video seems to show that he is DJing Milli Vanilli-style, which he discusses on his blog. Here is his response:

Ah what a strange world we live in! this expose has appeared on An Australian website exposing me for the charlatan I am{sorry tim!} funny really its never the content that causes the damage, its like the PETER HOOK BLAMES BAND MATES FOR SPLIT! Headlines when you read the article I never did!

On this one PETER HOOK FAKE DJING EXPOSED! It shows a clip on YOU TUBE so out of context, as they always are! The night was great the crowd was rocking ,why don't they show that instead of me? The most boring part? Im messing with the eq. on the desk , as taught to me by the great Arthur Baker, to emphasise rolls hand claps effects etc, then you sneak the bottom end out then bring it back in suddenly for added frisson.Shit he will kill me for telling you!

Funny really in the early days when people used to have to put the tracks on for me I didn't get exposed but now I do it myself? I get exposed, what a shock tho ,some djs play pre-recorded music???? My mate did the lights for a very famous English DJ, he was doing a three month tour of america and mimed to a 100,000 people a night! Just used a dat tape and just pretended to put the records on. Naughty boy! In my early days I would have chunks recorded max 11minutes now I do it myself I don't wear headphones cos I don't mix a lot! I edit the songs to start on the beat because I prefer it that way. I suspect that theres a little bit of bad blood goin down in OZ , I had a great time in PARKLIFE and had no complaints at all? But I had to pull another festival later, because id stupidly double booked it, my fault no one else's. I cancelled 5 months in advance but was amazed by the response as in you'll never play this town again to my mate works in Immigration your stuffed etc etc …………SO JACKT What you up to? Im flattered you think im important enough to expose, im sure we 'll bump into each other sometime, so I can explain ! In the meantime you've lost me 4 gigs, ah well at least it'll bring FREEBASS nearer! Love hookyx Have a watch!

See the YouTube clip for yourself below. So was he pulling off a fake set? Does it matter either way? You be the judge!

Peter Hook

Peter Hook "Busted" For Fake DJing