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Freeload: Juan Maclean Resident Advisor Podcast


Because we got sick of listening to a two minute clip from "Happy House" on Juan Maclean's Myspace page, we downloaded the mix he made for Resident Advisor to listen to a five minute clip from it because there is little better than piano house with Nancy Whang repeatedly telling us that we are "so excellent" before she has this echoed plea to be launched into space which Juan Maclean cuts up into 3 AM hands up and sifts into the beginning of Marcus Worgull's "Spellbound." Now, we listened to this mix one all the way through but mostly it's been like when you watch the Simpsons and they put Futurama on after the Simpsons and you just watch that because, hey, why not and then you realize Futurama is great, too. Mr White (who sings on "Spellbound" and has sung on some borderline corny/borderline we are crying in a Sandra Bullock movie tunes) comes so correct with the hook. If you just need a pick me up, download the mix, start at 37:14 and end at 49:53 and then watch this video of Mr White singing "Spellbound" while DJing and wonder if there is anything better.

Download: Juan Maclean Resident Advisor Podcast (requires registration)

Freeload: Juan Maclean Resident Advisor Podcast