Charlatans Plan Free Album Download

When listening to our new podcast, you might have heard a new tune from The Charlatans. The band gave away their new single, "Cross My Path," for free online, following in the footsteps of other artists like Radiohead and Saul Williams.

If you were like us and glad to hear the removal of the dub beats in exchange for more rock, then you'll be happy to know that on March 3 the band will make their tenth studio album, You Cross My Path, available for free downloading. Only through Xfm and The Charlatans' website will you be able to get it, that is until some people out there put it up on various other sites.

Much like Radiohead's plan, The Charlatans will then release a physical CD and vinyl edition, as well as a deluxe limited edition of vinyl 45's and a box set LP on May 19 via Cooking Vinyl. Oh yeah, and for you uber fans out there, the record was recorded in Los Angeles, Ireland and at the band's own studio in Cheshire. It was produced by the band and James Spencer, and mixed by Alan Moulder. Peep the track listing below.

You Cross My Path

01. "Oh! Vanity"
02. "Bad Days"
03. "Mis-takes"
04. "The Misbegotten"
05. "A Day For Letting Go"
06. "You Cross My Path"
07. "Missing Beats (Of A Generation)"
08. "My Name Is Despair"
09. "Bird"
10. "This Is The End"

The Charlatans

Charlatans Plan Free Album Download