DG Yola, “Money Money” (prod Jim Jonsin)

According to DGYola.com, DG Yola’s Gutta World is finally coming out on April 24th. That could mean this year. It could mean last year. It could mean 4856. We just don’t know. And that is what is called building anticipation, kids. In the meantime, we’ll just keep posting these random tracks produced by Jim Jonsin as they float across the internet because Yola’s voice is like music to our ears.

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  1. Trevis says:

    Didnt DG Yola steal a beat from killa wali?I heard aint gon let up is stolen from killa wali’s ain’t gonna let em,is this true?But I believe both yola and killa wali go hard and should collab!

  2. atltrapboy_shawty says:

    Yes its true yola stole da beat from killa wali,he even had a interview admitting dat shit plus killa wali betta den my boi yola,listen to his track maabin wit trae&zro shit raw as a mudafuker.

    PS ladies hit cha boi up on myspace at myspace.com/atltrapboy_shawty