Video - The Duke Spirit "The Step And The Walk"

The Duke Spirit's new album, Neptune, is slated to come out April 8. We just saw their new video (directed by PR Brown) for the first single, "The Step And The Walk," and we love the total '60s vibe that they are portraying... hello Nico!

On making the video, singer Liela Moss posted an interesting message on their MySpace saying, "OOh so much luxury for us this time round on this video shoot for The Step &.... I am offered false eyelashes made out of feathers. We have a dressing room with scented candles! That MUST be mean we've made it somehow? Curious accessories in the studio today for sure. I wonder about these small indulgencies, for a moment, and then am swept away into a glorious Hollywood dream for a day. Catering, clothes-steaming apparatus, a TV screen on wheels. Outrageous treat. I lap it up like a witch's cat, of course. 26 times we run through the song, which means serious pain the following morning. Poor neck muscles are killing me... Some of those beautiful guitars were kindly lent to us by Aaron, you know him as the fella shredding it and catapulting himself around the stage in N.I.N or his own band Jubilee. Or both. Jubilee are great. The people on this video shoot were great too."

"The Step And The Walk"

Duke Spirit

Video - The Duke Spirit "The Step And The Walk"