Video - Ours "Live Again" + Album Info

It has been half a decade since Jimmy Gnecco's Ours have released a new album. Album number three, Mercy, is finally complete and scheduled to land in stores on March 18. We now have a track listing as well as the first video, so it looks like this is actually going to happen. Gnecco has one of the most incredible voices in rock music, so we're glad that he kept the faith and made this album come to life. While the imagery in the video for "Live Again" is a bit, uh, interesting, the music is still as amazing as we hoped it would be. Now what is up with the gothic cheerleader?

01. "Mercy"
02. "The Worst Things Beautiful"
03. "Ran Away To Tell The World"
04. "Black"
05. "Moth"
06. "Murder"
07. "God Only Wants You"
08. "Live Again"
09. "Willing"
10. "Saint"
11. "Lost"
12. "Get Up"
"Live Again"

Video - Ours "Live Again" + Album Info