Beck's Odelay Deluxe Reissue Contains Typo

If you happened to pick up a copy of the deluxe reissue of Odeley, we'd suggest checking out the liner notes. It seems that the first pressing of this fancy shmancy version was printed up with unproofed lyrics. Apparently, the lyrics were lifted from a lyric website and used as a placeholder while drafting the layout of the liner notes. The lyrics were wrong and were never corrected, making it an instant collectible. Could it be worth a chunk of change on eBay in ten years?

Beck is currently making arrangements to put the corrected lyrics up on his own website, so you will soon be able to sing along with the correct words. Out if curiosity, did anybody out there pick up one of these copies of Odeley? If so, send us the incorrect lyrics.


Beck's Odelay Deluxe Reissue Contains Typo