Video - Clinic "Free Not Free"

Ever wanted to watch a bunch of musicians wearing surgical masks perform in an aquarium? Haven't we all? Clinic finally made that dream come to true with the video for their brand new single, "Free Not Free." The band should definitely continue rocking the Hawaiian shirts... it is a good look.

As for the song itself, our lads have taken an interesting turn into some groovy elements which appear in this track. Bongos, soothing vocals, chilled out guitars, which are all occasionally thrown out of whack by a few seconds of maddening noise. Clinic had to throw a bit of weirdness in the song, or else it just wouldn't be Clinic. You can snag the single for free from the band's official website starting today. Their fifth full-length studio album, Do It!, will be released on April 8.

"Free Not Free"


Video - Clinic "Free Not Free"