Super Bowl Controversies - Tom Petty & Arcade Fire

Although we were only passively watching this year's monotonous Super Bowl, with a fairly dull series of commercials I might add, two things did catch our attention.

1. Tom Petty's phallic imagery was much larger than Prince's from last year. If you missed it, at the beginning of his set there was a gigantic guitar that ended up going through the middle of a heart, but that guitar looked a bit like a wang if you ask us. It was definitely an interesting way to "animate" the logo that we've seen for years. Perhaps ol' Petty felt the need to one-up Prince's guitar-dingus from last year, and Petty's was definitely bigger. Here it is... and if you pause it at about three seconds in, well, you'll see. It was a great halftime show though, and it was nice seeing the Heatbreakers sounding as badass as ever.

2. Arcade Fire's "No Cars Ago" appeared in a NFL promo on Fox. Now, we know that Arcade Fire has remained persistent in their views on keeping the band's music off of commercials, so this was definitely a huge shock. Did Win Butler have a change of heart? According to a series of reports (NME/Pitchfork/etc) this morning, the band had nothing to do with the use of their song in this ad.

After doing a little more hunting around on the ol' interwebs, apparently the song has been used throughout the regular season as well, which shows you how much NFL football the Tripwire crew watched this year. It should be interesting to see exactly how Fox acquired the use of "No Cars Go" without the band's permission, and if any financial compensation or legal action is coming down the pipeline.

Arcade Fire

Super Bowl Controversies - Tom Petty & Arcade Fire