Bob Mould - More Important Than Most

Just imagine you are a confused, angry, overweight, closeted gay man living in the Reagan era playing in basements and hating everyone and everything and you're only solace is playing music as mind shreddingly loud as possible. You might for a second realize what it used to be like to live in Bob Mould's head. Can you imagine a band like Husker Du existing today? It's like looking back at a time when huge beasts walked the earth. If you are unaware of his body of work or his epic influence on music I would strongly suggest you invest some time and money in records like New Day Rising, Metal Circus, Copper Blue and Bob's new one District Line. So many bands have aped his sound over the years but don't offer up half the emotion, heart, mind bending ferocity and very little of his talent for crafting perfect bitter-sweet pop moments.

Next month we will have a chat with Bob, but in the meantime check out some footage of Bob destroying. The first is of clip of Husker Du doing what is in my mind possibly the greatest cover of all time, The Byrd's "Eight Miles High" in London back in 1985. Watch Grant Hart pound the fuck out of his drums and Bob destroy his larynx. It's ridiculous. If you haven't heard the studio version of this song I suggest you do some trolling for it. You need this in your life.

Secondly, come back down to earth and have a look at a nice video advert for District Line, wherein lesser humans like Ben Gibbard, Alec Ounsworth and the Interpol drummer testify on Bob's behalf.

"Eight Miles High"

District Line Advert

District Line is out now on Anti Records.

Bob Mould

Bob Mould - More Important Than Most