Cinematic Orchestra Plans Live Release

Last year we got snug with The Cinematic Orchestra's Ma Fluer. The basically one man production did a few tour dates last fall, including a special performance at The Royal Albert Hall. The November 2007 concert showcased the 24-piece Heritage Orchestra, as well as vocal contributions from Heidi Vogel, Lou Rhodes (Lamb), PC and Grey Reverend in front of 4,000 people. At times over 40 musicians were on stage at once.

On April 22 Domino Records will release this event in the form of a live CD; the track listing is found below. We just wish there was word of a DVD version too. The Cinematic Orchestra will also perform two select dates including Coachella on April 25 and Brooklyn on April 23.

Live At The Royal Albert Hall
01. "All That You Give"
02. "Child Song"
03. "Flite"
04. "Familiar Ground"
05. "To Build A Home"
06. "Prelude"
07. "Breathe"
08. "Man With A Movie Camera"
09. "Time & Space"

The Cinematic Orchestra


Cinematic Orchestra Plans Live Release