Made In The Dark

The Hot Chip boys are at it again but this time instead of kicking out the smooth jams like the songs found on their debut album, Coming on Strong, or flexing their dance pop sensibilities like on their sophomore release, The Warning, it seems that they have now turned to the dark side on the fittingly titled, Made in the Dark. Apparently voting distorted synth in '08 this more aggro attempt showcases their melodic muscles by turning their vocals throughout the record into something robotic and hypnotic with delay effects that lay on a bed of intricate rhythms. All the while tackling such themes as heaven, hell, WWF wrestling, Willie Nelson, and knee sliding across the floor.

"Out At The Pictures" sets the tone early with its creeping synth line that gradually picks up-tempo to arrive at a solid dance groove. "Ready For The Floor" is a lament to a dance partner playing 'hard to get' that glides along smoothly. It isn't until the fifth song, "We're Looking For A Lot Of Love," where the album takes a slight turn and blood replaces the circuitry in their veins as the ghosts of albums past come back to haunt up some great tracks. The title track is a peaceful departure that begins like Carole King's "No Easy Way Down" showcasing the range of influence the band has. "One Pure Thought," with its more organic approach, is proof to what makes this band so compelling; the fact that they can ride that thin line between the classic and the absurd by taking cues from all that surrounds them then filtering that through wit, sarcasm, and plain ol' smarts producing an end result that rises above most things released today. This album might not hit you right away like the previous ones but give it time and it will enwrap you in its diversity.

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Made In The Dark