Shy Child To Finally Release Noise Won't Stop In US

Hot damn! We've been digging the keytar awesomeness of Shy Child for quite some time now. The fellas released their debut, One With The Sun, here in the states a couple of years ago. They rocked our world at SXSW, put on a killer remix of The Futureheads "Decent Days And Nights" as well as of Editors' "Munich," and then vanished off the UK to tour around with The Klaxons. Hell, the dudes even played with Muse at Wembley Stadium.

Well, it is time to get these fellas back to our shores, which will finally happen as their sophomore album gets its long overdue release in the US. Noise Won't Stop will be put out on the group's new home, Kill Rock Stars, on May 5. There will definitely be some US touring around the release, and once we get the dates we'll be sure to pass them along. If you have missed the boat on these guys, click over to check out the videos for "Summer," "Drop The Phone" and "Noise Won't Stop."

Noise Won't Stop (US version)
01. "Drop The Phone"
02. "Pressure To Come"
03. "The Volume"
04. "Kick Drum" (featuring Spank Rock)
05. "Generation Y"
06. "Angel Of Mercy"
07. "Murder Capital"
08. "Astronaut"
09. "Noise Won't Stop"
10. "Summer"
11. "What's It Feel Like?"
12. "Cause And Effect"

Shy Child

Shy Child To Finally Release Noise Won't Stop In US