UNKLE Collaborators Split

After releasing War Stories, their third release, UNKLE have decided to call it a day...sorta. Richard File and James Lavelle, the duo that created amazing electronic music for close to ten years have split so Richard can work on his new band.

The official word on their website read, "After ten years as musical collaborators in UNKLE, James Lavelle and Richard File are going their separate ways - a decision that is mutual and amicable. Rich will be concentrating on his new band, We Fell To Earth, who are currently in the studio working on their debut album. James Lavelle is currently in the Surrender Sounds Studios working on new music and remixes."

Since UNKLE has gone through other lineup changes in the past, including but not limited to DJ Shadow and co-founder Tim Goldsworthy, we are curious as to where Lavelle takes UNKLE in the future.



UNKLE Collaborators Split