NYC To Get A Dose Of KEXP

There is no question that Seattle-based KEXP has most definitely flexed their broadcast muscles well beyond the range of their radio tower. The indie-tastic station has developed a worldwide audience via the internet, and their reach is about to get even stronger. In a programming alliance with NYC's WNYE, KEXP will be creating "Radio Liberation" beginning on March 24. This will include a three-hour morning eclectic music show (eclectic morning show... hello KCRW) followed by a three hour simulcast of "The Morning Show" with John Richards. There will also be a nightly world music show as well as a weekly program hosted by KEXP's head music honcho Kevin Cole.

We've often wondered how long it would take for something like this to pop up in the Big Apple. In a city hungry for up-and-coming music, if WNYE plays their cards right and develops some of their own great music content as well, they could satisfy the cravings of many listeners in the NYC area.


NYC To Get A Dose Of KEXP