Update On UNKLE

There's been a lot of confusion out there with people on the status of UNKLE after Richard File left so he could work on his new band, We Fell To Earth. Let it be known that while the duo has amiably split, this does NOT mean that UNKLE is no more. As a matter of fact, when we reported the news yesterday, we were wondering what James Lavelle had up his sleeves for the new incarnation of the band. If you were curious like us, read on!

Word from management came into us stating that on the upcoming UNKLE UK tour Joel Cadbury of South will be handling Richard File's vocals, just as he did during the band's North American tour last fall. The tour finishes on March 1st with a gig at London's famed Brixton Academy. Another single is on the way, and James is currently in the studio working on some new music.

So there you have it! Now go book your flight and get your festival tickets for this summer!



Update On UNKLE