Robotique Majestique

Release Date: 02.26.08

After moving back to the mother-state of Texas in the summer of 2007, I was ready to finally see what all my friends told me was the "best dance party ever." Appearing in the form of an Austin duo, Ghostland Observatory, what I witnessed at their Austin City Limits Festival performance was nothing short of amazing, and it was the perfect closer to the welcoming weekend in my new home city. For the record, it was one of the largest crowds that saw them in history, my friends were right, and now they are selling out venues in New York City.

"Untitled" opens up Robotique Majestique like a sci-fi adventure film, with eerie bleeps and atmospheric beats before busting out into the contagious first single, "Heavy Heart." This is one song that fans of Daft Punk or Calvin Harris will be sure to enjoy. You can visualize frontman Aaron Behrens dancing his signature moves to this tune, and quite honestly, it totally makes you want to join along with fists in the air. The pounding "No Place For Me" quickly arrives, and the pulsating beats created by Thomas Turner are hypnotic. (We particularly love the belly-deep "Uhhhh" Aaron thrusts out.) "Freeheart Lover" fails to disappoint, overflowing with big '80s overtones. Slowing things down a bit with "Dancing On My Grave" and "The Band Marches On," Ghostland Observatory still manages to keep the tempo lively and interesting. How a duo can make music like this and not make every song sound the same amazes me.

If you have never seen Ghostland Observatory live, then our suggestion is to get off your ass and get to the party. They meld the electronic, rock and funk genres effortlessly, resulting in one hell of a broad fan base, and even bigger dance party. One thing is for sure; our home city of Austin sure is lucky to have talent like them.

"Robotique Majestique" at ACL

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Robotique Majestique