Portishead Gets US Release Date

In January we finally got an update on Third, the (Really? no-pun-intended) third album from Portishead. While the record was originally slated to come out on April 14 in the UK, it has now been pushed to April 28. Additionally, there will be a release date for the US...drumroll...April 29 via Mercury/Island. Can you hear our offices shrieking with excitement?!?!?

While the band has a ton of confirmed dates overseas, we do know that they are going to be playing Coachella on our shores, so let's hope they will extend that little stay.


01. "Silence"
02. "Hunter"
03. "Nylon Smile"
04. "The Rip"
05. "Plastic"
06. "We Carry On"
07. "Deep Water"
08. "Machine Gun"
09. "Small"
10. "Magic Doors"
11. "Threads"



Portishead Gets US Release Date