Stylee Fridays: We’re Desperate

Style editor Chioma Nnadi just got back from Magic and she is way too busy to write Stylee Fridays this week, so instead we had editorial assistant Sam Hockley-Smith talk about some shirts.

Last night I got a package from my uncle and it had a whole bunch of flannel shirts in it and for a second I was like, Man can I ride for flannel for much longer? I thought about it for like three seconds and it turns out that I absolutely can. Like, remember when dudes were always wearing t-shirts? When was that? I think that was a 2006 thing when "streetwear" was actually "baby clothes." Flannel is kind of a streetwear thing which means a few things:

1) It is already out of style

2) Too many people wear it

3) Streetwear stepped up from baby clothes.

I'm not even professing to be a style maven or something weird like that, but I know that I like shirts with buttons (goes with everything: pants, socks, shoes, no shoes, no socks) and sometimes a flannel shirt is just the illest shirt with a button. I do not doubt that very soon I will think that it is played out/I will play it out by only wearing it and nothing else. But sometimes you have to go a little deeper, like why am I wearing flannel? Do I wish I was a farmer? Absolutely not! Except I would totally drink milk in a flannel shirt-lambswool sweater combo on a field with my farmer girlfriend (can you wear suspenders with a flannel shirt and a sweater? I imagine those being there too. This is why Chioma should be writing this). So I guess the answer is that I would wear the flannel on a farm, but I would not do farm work (not cut out for it, soft hands,mud). Luckily I live in a city so it is not even an issue and I can wear my flannel in peace (ie get silently berated for wearing it).


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Stylee Fridays: We’re Desperate