Adem Completes Third Album, Covers PJ Harvey & Bjork

It is no secret that we are huge fans of the indie folkster Adem. The singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist has taken an interesting direction for album number three, opting for a collection of covers in Takes. This marks the first album where he has recorded in a proper studio, so we're quite curious to hear how this may differ sonically from the home-crafted Homesongs and Love And Other Planets. He selected some mighty great songs to cover, including Bedhead's "Bedside Table," PJ Harvey's "Oh My Lover" and The Breeder's "Invisible Man." Fans shouldn't be surprised to see Bjork's "Unravel" on the album as well, since it has been a part of his live repertoire.

Takes will hit stores in the UK on May 12 via Domino.

01. "Bedside Table" - Bedhead
02. "Oh My Lover" - PJ Harvey
03. "Slide" - Lisa Germano
04. "Loro" - Pinback
05. "Hotellounge" - dEUS
06. "To Cure A Weakling Child" - Aphex Twin
07. "Tears Are In Your Eyes" - Yo La Tengo
08. "Starla" - Smashing Pumpkins
09. "Gamera" - Tortoise
10. "Unravel" - Bjork
11. "Invisible Man" - The Breeders
12. "Laser Beam" - Low


Adem Completes Third Album, Covers PJ Harvey & Bjork