Jarvis Cocker Speaks About Plans For 2008

The almighty Jarvis Cocker sent his devoted fanbase a message this morning about 2008 so far. Is he hinting about new material and continuing onto the next phase of his solo career? Read his note below and decide for yourself, but we sure hope that more is coming soon. He has also confirmed dates in Monterrey, Mexico City and Buenos Aires, which we'll post below his message. Here is the latest update from Mr. JC:

2008 - Super. Smashing. Great.

Once again I have to apologise for my recent reticence: it doesn't mean I don't love you anymore - honest.

This is the bit where it gets interesting; anybody can start something going but not everyone can KEEP it going & still fewer know how to finish it properly. I'm working on the middle bit - stick the plates on the end of the sticks & SPIN THEM! Billy Smart should be in touch any day now.

Professionally speaking (& let's not forget: I am the Consummate Professional) there is much to alert you to - People of Central & South America, are you in a state of readiness? I do hope so 'cos I will be in your neck of the woods during the first half of March - Monterrey, Mexico City, Buenos Aires & Santiago, consider yourself duly warned. On another subject - do you remember myself & a certain Miss Beth Ditto doing a version of "Temptation" at the NME awards last year? You do? Well, now you can own it if you like as the NME is making it available on iTunes from the 18th of February - all the proceeds go to the homeless charity "Shelter" you know. And there's more....if only I could remember what it was. Anyway, that'll do for now. I hope this (relatively) new year is treating you well so far & I want you to know that one of my resolutions this year was to be more communicative - ok, this hasn't been the most auspicious of starts but at least I'm not as bad as the people across the street who have still got their Christmas tree up....

Keep the faith.

love, Jarvis xxx

Jarvis Tour Dates
03.06.08 - Monterrey (Havana)
03.08.08 - Mexico City (Mx Beat Soundfest @ Centro Dinamico Pegaso)
03.11.08 - Buenos Aires (La Trastienda Club)


Jarvis Cocker Speaks About Plans For 2008