Mezzanine Owls

Release Date: 02.26.08

In 2006 we were first introduced to an unsigned band from Los Angeles called Mezzanine Owls via Slingshot Echoes. The little-band-that-could made some of the best indie shoegaze pop we heard in a while, and since then landed on the newly formed JAXART Records. Their label debut comes in the form of a 7" vinyl release, as well as a digital download EP.

Working with producer Andy Lemaster (Now It's Overhead, Bright Eyes, Azure Ray) at Chase Park Transduction has proven to be a winning combination yet again, as there is nothing we can think of that would make these tracks sound better than how they are presented to us. Opening up with "Drift," the melancholic vocals of Jack Burnside are the lovechild of Starsailor's James Walsh and Conor Oberst, whereas the music remains dreamy. The harder hitting "Ghost Ship" is up next, and fans of Ride, Jesus And Mary Chain and My Bloody Valentine will relish in it. The ethereal "Snow Globe" creeps in and takes the listener on a fuzzed out guitar ride, one that ends far too quickly. "Temporary Health" closes the EP in an eruption, leaving the listener wanting more. As a matter of fact, each of these little gems lasts only about three minutes each. Here's to hoping a full sophomore album comes sooner than later.

If you didn't check out Mezzanine Owls the first time we told you about them, then do yourself a solid and check them out now. They will be performing at SXSW in March, and you can bet that we will be at the show.

Mezzanine Owls

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Mezzanine Owls