TVT Records Cuts Staff, Expected To File Chapter 11

You gotta love the music biz right now. According to, TVT Records let go of a majority of its employees this week, and is expected to file for Chapter 11 in a few days.

This isn't the first time that the indie has seen trouble in the headlines. Way back in 2005 Lil Jon had a spat with the label's President, Steve Gottlieb, and this year the artist Pitbull told his fans that they should download his album for free rather than dish out money for it because he thought Gottlieb didn't deserve it. Is this a lesson of what comes around goes around, or is this just another record label caught in bad times due to the state of the industry? Either way it sucks and people are ending up jobless.

For those that are interested, there are already insider lists of who is left and who is gone. We can't vouch for how accurate they are, so if you know of something different, tell us.


TVT Records Cuts Staff, Expected To File Chapter 11