You Can Buy The World's Largest Music Collection

The timing of this couldn't have been any more amusing. Over the weekend I finally took the time to unpack my own personal music collection, which for the past seven months has been sitting in moving boxes waiting to be sorted and put up on shelves. It was an eight-hour ordeal, but the wall of CDs and vinyl is complete. A guy in Pittsburg has taken music collecting to a mind-boggling level, claiming he has the world's most complete music library.

The collection currently has approximately six million song titles, comprised of 300,000 CDs and over 3,000,000 records. Yes, uttering "holy shit" is totally acceptable at this point. The library resides in a well maintained, climate controlled warehouse, and half of its contents have never been played. Each piece of music was purchased by its current owner, which he has picked up over the past fifty years. Sadly, due to age and health concerns, he has decided to sell it.

The owner is hoping that a generous buyer with plenty o' cash will purchase the collection with the intentions on donating it to a library or museum. So what is the asking price for the starting bid on eBay? $3,000.000 is the opening bid asking price. So if you have the means, bid away! You'll also have to pay for packaging up and moving the collection, so you might want to put aside a nice chunk o' change for that as well.

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The World's Greatest Music Collection

You Can Buy The World's Largest Music Collection