Hooky, Mani & Andy Rourke Settle On Freebass Vocalist

The all-star bass collective of Peter Hook, Andy Rourke and Mani has been something we've been discussing since December 13, 2000. Yup, it has been that long. Back then they were in the process of starting a television program and opening a nightclub. Over time the idea of Freebass emerged, which has been in development since 2004.

Four years later, Freebass is slowly becoming a true musical project, whicih has become even more solidified now that they have settled on a vocalist. According to an interview with Hooky on BBC6, Gary Briggs from the group Haven will be taking the mic, along with an entourage of celebrity guests. We can supposedly also expect to hear vocals from Ian Brown, Billy Corgan, Tim Burgess, Liam Gallagher and Happy Mondays' Rowetta.

About the length of time Freebass has taken to truly come to fruition, Hook said: "We started it funnily enough, Mani and I, as a reaction because our groups New Order and Primals had been stalled, and then miraculously our groups started up again so it went on the back burner for a long time."

Hopefully we won't have to wait too much longer to hear some tunes from Freebass.

Hooky, Mani & Andy Rourke Settle On Freebass Vocalist