Flowers Forever

Release Date: 02.19.08

The world is a confusing place and can be overwhelming at any given moment. I remember in college when I was first figuring out the way the world works, just how helpless I felt. Attempting to wrap your brain around all the ideas from one end of the world and back is an impossible task. Even taking it one step at a time will force you to lose your place at every turn. The ages of 16 to 24 kids/young adults have a tough job of figuring out where they are in the world and how to implement the information around them to use in their everyday lives.

I suppose that continues for the rest of your life, but you get into your daily patterns by the age of 25. You know where your closest grocery store is, you know where to buy clothes and how to get to the hospital. Every once in a while you venture out and have dinner in a different part of town, but for the most part you keep it comfortable and in the neighborhood. Everyone does it. Venturing out in any aspect of life is a bold move and is usually met with fresh (albeit scary) inspirations and motivations, both of which are tricky things. You never really know how to manufacture them and you certainly don't know how to wrangle them when they do strike. You just have to work with it and do the best that you can.

For Derek Pressnall motivation struck as sort of a personal meltdown. As Spin's "Artist of the Day" on February 5th he's quoted as saying, " I basically had this really weird moment in my life where I thought maybe I was having premonitions". Those premonitions must have been influenced by pure, emotional rock music because that is seemingly what aided in the creation of this record. Flowers Forever are Tilly & the Wall's man, Derek Pressnall's side project, but this album feels more like a personal journey than any little project. It's filled with angst, changing opinions and strife. It has the trademark TEAM LOVE sounds (they all sound a little like Bright Eyes, don't they?) and a juvenile yet contagious energy.

The two ideas that stand out on this record are confusion and forcing change, all the while taking it very personal and making strong emotional choices. I suppose during a breakdown someone has been encountering endless amounts of confusion and has no solid way of dealing with it. That confusion can be found in every song on this album. The listener can hear the two sides of Derek Pressnall being pulled one way, then the other and the only thing he wants is change; beautiful, powerful change for the better.

I thought about going into psychology in college (didn't everyone?) but thought it would be too much vague, opinion based worked with no real facts. I could be wrong, but I choose to think I'm right. Why not keep my opinions close to home in my comfortable little world located in a five-block radius from where I hang my hat and call my home? Looks like I need some inspiration.

Team Love

Flowers Forever