Spiritualized Reveals New Album

Spiritualized's new album, Songs In A&E, is slated for release in the UK on May 19, no word yet on a US date. We will let you know as soon as we hear something! In the meantime, you can peep the track listing and what we had to say about their Apollo Acoustic Mainlines Tour here.

Songs In A&E
01. "Harmony 1"
02. "Sweet Talk"
03. "Death Take Your Fiddle"
04. "I Gotta Fire"
05. "Soul On Fire"
06. "Harmony 2"
07. "Sitting On Fire"
08. "Yeah Yeah"
09. "You Lie You Cheat"
10. "Harmony 3"
11. "Baby I'm Just A Fool"
12. "Don't Hold Me Close"
13. "Harmony 4"
14. "The Waves Crash In"
15. "Harmony 5"
16. "Borrowed Your Gun"
17. "Harmony 6"
18. "Goodnight Goodnight"


Spiritualized Reveals New Album