Video - Human Giant "Viral Videos"

The guys in Human Giant are returning to the boob tube with the second season of their brilliant show on MTV. Rob Huebel, Aziz Ansari and Paul Scheer are back with a fresh batch of sketch comedy, and they have just offered up an early look at the season with the first episode (which is also uncensored) now available on iTunes. If you want a freebie, peep the clip below. The language is NSFW, and if the thought of cutting your... ummm... "special purpose" off gives you the willies, watch at your own risk.

Season Two of MTV's Human Giant will begin on March 11 at 11pm, so go ahead and set those Tivos. Also, the DVD of Season one will be in stores on March 4th, which will include unaired sketches and highlights from their 24 hour marathon on MTV.

"Viral VIdeos"

Human Giant

Video - Human Giant "Viral Videos"