The Epochs

Release Date: 02.19.08

Pronunciation: e-p_k, e-päk
Function: noun
a: an event or a time marked by an event that begins a new period or development
b: a memorable event or date
synonyms see period

The Epochs
Function: proper noun
a: an new pop band out of Brooklyn

Guitar and key brothers, Ryan and Hays Halladay, are joined by drummer Kotchy and bassist Kevin Smith. This East Coast quartet creates a self-titled debut LP featuring an incredibly pleasant blend of translucent electronica and soulful pop. The Epochs blend electronic textures and samples with ear-pleasing noises at every angle: strumming acoustic guitar, vintage keyboard sounds, a small string section, alluring gentle voices. The songs are cohesive, with melodies and arrangements that belong to each other.

This self-titled album pulls in all different directions, yet it's still consistent. Some tunes get all electronic like "Pictures of the Sun" "Mouths to Feed" and their single "Opposite Sides." These tracks are carried by a gentle, glitchy beat accompanied by one of the Holladay brother's falsettoey, and somewhat creepy voice. The other tone of this album oozes with mellow, lounge music. "Tug of War" is a prime example of that tortured, chain-smoking poet who loves Feist. The tune starts a little folky, and then as the song climaxes, you get thrown into this vintage bluesy loud bit, before being pulled back down to calm. R&B even peaks its little head in "Right On" as the song saunters into electronica, then mix in moody Spanish guitar.

The Epochs have given us essentially a solid pop record that doesn't sound too cheap. It has hints of rock from the 60's to the 90's, skipping the 80's. Even their album cover is reflective of psychedelic 60's splash colors, which seems like a representation of the variety of music you get on this record. Fans of TV on the Radio, Mobius Band, The Avalanches, maybe some Maroon 5 may get a kick out of these guys. Plus the leads' last name is a Hip-Hop holiday. How can you not love the band solely based on that.

The Epochs

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The Epochs