Too Many Hearts

What's that you say? There's a digital-only EP out with enough romantic lingo and smoky tones that will seduce me into making love to the guy selling coffee on the corner?


My favorite duo of The Bird & The Bee (aka Inara George and Gerg Kurstin) released Too Many Hearts, another collection of songs that highlight the indie-pop pair's impressive ability to fuse some quirky jazz beats with girly pop sounds in the most perfect way. In each of the four songs on this EP, George's sexy, sultry voice and deeply original lyrics that cover both falling in love, falling out of love, begging for love(making), and letting go...of love. But I love it.

The EP reeled me in with its first song, "Birthday," which paints a true picture of a real romance and the feelings we all go through when we're in them- to just hold on. "No one holds you better than me," George claims. It's one of those songs that not only sounds sexy, it's catchy and easy to listen to over and over and over again without getting tired of the lyrics that continue to pull you closer.

We all go through breakups and it's always great, for at least most of the ladies I know, to hear someone else talk about how hurt they are in such eloquent language with a harmonious backing like George and Kurtstin do when they're together. A lot better than my usual "he's a shithead, I hate him" behind the sounds of breaking glass, at least. The EP closes with another hit, "Tonight You Belong to Me." Rumor has it that this song was originally written in 1926 and featured in the movie The Jerk with Steve Martin. It's another hot one.

All in all, this perfect pair did it again and created a fantastic collection of beautiful songs that have quickly become fast favorites for me; it will only benefit you to give them a listen. I'm just really glad George found a fucking boyfriend.

"Tonight You Belong To Me"

The Bird And The Bee

Blue Note

Too Many Hearts