Video - Mew's Sixth Video Diary

It's been a while since we have heard from Mew. The guys have been keeping in touch with their fans through a series of online diaries which shows the band hard at work creating their follow-up for ...And The Glass Handed Kites. The sixth diary just went live, and sheds a little more light into what we can expect from them.

In a MySpace bulletin, Jonas wrote, "Hello frengers, I hope you will enjoy this sixth episode of our ongoing film diary shenanigans, this time narrated by.. well, I'm not gonna tell you, you'll just have to find out for yourselves! As per usual I suggest you download the full quality version as it's much nicer and holds more detail and precious sound texture than the rather compressed looking web one..But this requires a pretty strong and vicious web-connection, obviously! In other news, yep we are getting close to finishing up the writing and it's sounding sweeeeet! More updates soon, we promise! Thanks for your patience, we will get new sounds carefully caressing and (when rough action is required) pounding upon your ear drums as soon as we can!"

According to the clip below, it sounds like there are fifteen songs that are possibly going to be on the new record. Can you hear us screaming like little girls over here? Oh yeah, and if you want to relive the magic, watch their acoustic session with us here.

Mew Episode 6


Video - Mew's Sixth Video Diary