Live - Noise Pop Opening Party @ Rickshaw | SF

I had to argue theories of gendered communication and describe post-feminist structuralism in evening class before attending last night's Noise Pop opening party; trust me, I was looking at my phone going "Open bar, waaaaaaaaait for me" the whole time...

I barreled down to the Rickshaw Stop around 11 PM after I left the clutches of my education, and saw a throng of hammered festival aficionados littering the sidewalk, holding Noise Pop schedule booklets in their hands. I found my friend Nick eating Pringles from a lime green tube, professing his love for the snack every ten minutes and asking me who I was while his friend Mike ate white cheddar popcorn and looked on. Man, apparently I had missed out on everything.

Wandering into Rickshaw, it looked like a war zone; party streamers cluttered the floors, kegger-looking cups strewn about, and every person I bumped into was blitzed beyond belief. I found my friend Becca sipping Hennessey, and she described in great detail the free sushi, the madness, and the open bar factors I had missed earlier. Who starts a party at 8 PM? If there's nothing I've learned from being in college, it's that true epics don't start until at least midnight. I mean, this is Noise Pop's 16th birthday - I was at least expecting some table dancing and maybe corner groping high school style. The 15th year celebration included booze, free ice cream, a photo booth, Har Mar Superstar, and me stalking David Cross.

Ah, c'est la vie; it was time to grab some shut eye before embarking on the madness of the Noise Pop spirit. I've yet to concretely determine my schedule for the festivities, and am even considering learning how to ride a bike just to jump between shows (I had a sheltered childhood). I'll keep you posted, but here are some preliminary goals I have for this year's NP 16, subject to change, addition, and drunken tomfoolery:

- Hug Jamie Kennedy Wednesday after his Q&A, or maybe during? (Bonus points for a friendly smooch.)

- Meet/hang out with Pete and the boys and see their battle wounds, rock out to "Lemon Hill" from The Walkmen on Wednesday because I am so in fucking love with that song right now.

- Go to like all the FADER/Diesel free happy hours (Two Gallants on Thursday, my husband and Port O'Brien on Friday for sure.

- Stay away from drinks the color of my hair for fear this might happen again.

- See The Dodos on Thursday and attempt to break into a Magnetic Fields show because hey, the worst I can get is arrested, then dance at Popscene and to Great Northern.

- Check out the Elliott Smith photo exhibit by awesome photog Autumn de Wilde.

- Get shy with Holy Fuck again on Friday.

- Somehow hit four additional shows on Friday (Mountain Goats, Rosebuds, Cursive, Wale).

- Attend the Expo on Saturday and get my learn on.

- Somehow hit six shows on Saturday (Mountain Goats if I miss them Friday, Gutter Twins, Port O'Brien if I miss the acoustic Friday, MSTRKRFT, The Virgins, Panther.)

- Attend the Pop And Shop on Sunday and eat some delicious waffles.

- Check out She and Him on Sunday and fucking drool the whole time.

I'm so jazzed. I've stocked up on AA batteries, Red Bull, and all the lollipops I can find. Viva le Pop de Noise!

Noise Pop

Live - Noise Pop Opening Party @ Rickshaw | SF