The CoCo B's

Release Date: 03.18.08

If a band is just a rock band (with the word "just" carrying all the up sides and downsides you can imagine), and they're only crime is also their only ambition (to play rock music), how much credit should that earn them from a reviewer? On the other hand, how much more credit does a reviewer give a band that keeps everyone guessing stylistically? Is "changing it up" artistic expression or just A.D.D.? How much more credit do we give to naked ambition, and how do we determine one thing is more ambitious than the other? Weren't the Ramones ambitious in their ability to stay un-ambitious? For as wonderful and historic as the switching of styles seems to be, don't you sometimes wish the Beatles would've given it a rest and "just" rocked? This is the job of the reviewer and I sadly cannot come up with a suitable answer regarding the CoCo B's.

More polished than a garage band, more garage than a studio band, the CoCo B's make rock music that lands firmly in the inoffensive pile. It's not bad, but nothing particularly stands out either. To be sure, some songs stand out from the pack ("I Live in L.A." and "Give up the Money/1982"), but the sound of CoCo B's is as straightforward as this type of rock gets. I like it, but then again I like this kind of music anyway. Every song fits into the larger "INDIE" genre, but the CoCo B's do little to set themselves apart from the fold. Perhaps that's the CoCo B's gift to us, serving as a litmus test. If you like this music, then continue on and you will not be disappointed. However, if you do not, turn around and go home.

CoCo B's
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The CoCo B's