Video - Ra Ra Riot Live At WOXY

Our first introduction to Kevin Bayer over at Soft City Lights was a mini-documentary video for Bad Veins. Since then, Kevin has been busy making other videos of bands that hit up the Cincinnati area. His most recent one is a clip of Ra Ra Riot performing an in-studio live at WOXY.

On making the video, Kevin Bayer commented, "It's been tough sitting on this video for a couple of weeks, but I'm glad to finally make it live. Ra Ra Riot is an insanely talented young band who performed for a small audience on a cold winter night at the WOXY studios. There is a ton of extra footage that didn't make this video, including a charming tour story from Ali and Rebecca about their recent Canada misadventures. There's not much else I can say about this band that hasn't been said before, so I'm not going to reduce to nonsense this time... how I have a friend nicknamed La, how Cameron is taking over the drums wonderfully, how i think they deserve to go places, etc, etc. I won't do that to you. Just watch and listen."

Ra Ra Riot at WOXY

Ra Ra Riot


Video - Ra Ra Riot Live At WOXY