R.I.P. Mike Smith (Dave Clark Five)

For fans of the days of the '60s British Invasion, some very sad news came our way this morning. Mike Smith, the lead singer of the legendary Dave Clark Five, passed away yesterday at a hospital near London. He was admitted Wednesday with a chest infection, causing him to pass away as a result of pneumonia.

A report from the AP stated that his illness may have come from a previous injury in 2003. He fell off a fence, which left him paralyzed below his ribs and with only limited mobility of his upper body.

Smith's agent, Margot Lewis, released a statement, in which she said: "These last five years were extremely difficult for Mike. I am incredibly saddened to lose him, his energy and his humour, but I am comforted by the fact that he had the chance to spend his final months and days at home with his loving wife Charlie."

R.I.P. Mike Smith... you will be missed.


R.I.P. Mike Smith (Dave Clark Five)