Shout Out Louds Want You To Name That Instrument

Pissed off that you didn't get those Shout Out Loud tickets before they sold out in New York City? The band is offering a pretty sweet giveaway for each of their Joe's Pub shows on March 11. All you have to do is guess what the instrument is that they have posted. If you ask us, it looks like something that is NFSW, but what do we know? Peep it for yourself below.

A note from the band reads, "After a fair number of months of crashing cymbals and distorting guitars we now feel compelled to give something slightly different to the next best city in the world. And since we are crossing the Atlantic Ocean to play SXSW and Langerado Festival in Florida anyway, we promptly decided to make a quick stop in New York to play two shows at Joe´s Pub on Tuesday 11th March. We can guarantee you all sorts of songs in all sorts of shapes and costumes. All you have to do is show up in your Sunday best."

To enter, you have to send an email to merge (at) with the subject line "SHOUT OUT LOUDS CONTEST" in the subject line (don't forget to name that instrument!). Oh yeah, and you have to live in the NYC area to qualify.

Shout Out Louds


Shout Out Louds Want You To Name That Instrument